For more than a decade photographer Felix Ireland has been making brilliant and colorful images of various subjects, ranging from fashion and catwalk to products, landscape, architecture and portraits, to mention a few.

Felix's passion and thirst for perfection in photography is undying, as the quest continues to find the next best image.

With a great eye for detail he captures moments, turning what seems to be common into something unique. Finding these images brings out the best in Felix. Challenging himself to make each image better than the last.

‘Life is a photograph, take your time to pause and enjoy it’

“Capturing the moment, seeing and appreciating the many details, it makes my work worth every effort. You can’t live your life looking through a cameralens. But many moments pass by too soon.

That’s why my camera is always near me. Photography is my weapon against time.” Apart from his photography assignments, Felix’s work is also sold and collected by many.

His signed limited edition prints are detailed and easily recognized.

Aside from his photography, Felix also teaches workshops and is a Fine Art Printer, utilizing state of the art printing machines to render his Limited Edition pieces.

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Felix's work cover many topics, from artistic fine art, fashion, cinematic to commercial photography (to mention a few).

To view more images, please check out his portfolio.

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Nominated for Hasselbald Masters 2016

Calumet Photography (Live Demo - Photography Workshop): 13th November 2015

Salon de la Photo (Live Photography & Printing Demo): 5th - 9th November 2015

Blue-Bell Forrest Belgium - Fine Art Edition: April 2015

Professional Imaging: 28th-30th April 2015 (Live Photography & Printing Demo)

Salon de la Photo, Paris: 5th - 9th November 2014

Photokina, Cologne: 20th-25th September 2014

21th Edition: Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

Limited Edition Photography May 2014 Expedition Alps

20th Edition: Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

19th Edition: Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

18th Edition: Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

17th Edition: Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

16th Edition: Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

Photography Workshop November 23rd 2012 The Netherland

Photography Workshop November 28th 2012 The Netherland

Photography Workshop December 1st 2012 The Netherland

Photography Workshop December 7th 2012 The Netherland

Photography Workshop December 12th 2012 The Netherland

Photography Workshop January 9th 2013 The Netherland

Photography Workshop January 18th 2013 The Netherland

Photography Workshop February 18th 2013 The Netherland

Photography Workshop February 20th 2013 The Netherland

Fine Art Exposition October 1st - 31st 2012

Studio Opening October 1st 2012

Printing Service Open July 1st 2014

Nominated for Peugeot Photography Competition 2011

Photography Workshop May 2010 UK

Limited Edition March 2008 Expedition Gambia

Limited Edition October 2008 Expedition UK

Limited Edition July 2006 Expedition Greece



These are of some of the gear Felix uses in the studio and on location.

Camera Kits:

Hasselblad H4D31 | Nikon D300s | Nikon D300


Hasselblad HC 2.8/80mm | Nikon 1.4/50mm | Nikon 1.8g/50mm | Sigma 70-200 2.8 Tamron 80mm 4.5 | Tokina 12-24/ 4.5 | Nikon 17-55/ 2.8


Apple iMac 27 | Apple MacBook Pro 13 | Apple MacBook Air 13 | Apple ipad Air


Epson SP9900 | Canon IPF 5100 | Epson R2400 (x2)

Printing Paper:

Acid free archive materials



For assignment requests please send us an email. Or call tel:







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